Time Keeper
  Just one example of proprietary custom software developed for one of our clients.  We can also develop software to meet your specific requirements.

Time Keeper

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Time Keeper entry screen.


Time keeper is ideal for small businesses, attorneys and other operations that need to maintain an up to date and accurate record of time as it is expended on different projects. The top half of the Time Keeper form contains a list of projects or clients.  Simply clicking on one adds it to the weekly time record on the bottom. Time charged to each project is recorded in tenths of an hour for each day.   Time is tallied for the day, week, month or year by project.


Time Keeper can be modified to meet the specific requirements of your business or office.


Time Keeper is just one example

Convenient and easy to use interface
  Tallies time by day, week, month and year
  CSC will customize the software to meet your specific requirements


Give us a call or send us an    We would be happy to discuss
your requirements and give you a schedule and cost estimate.
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