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Are you interested in an affordable Web site?   If you're looking for affordable wbsite design and development, the Connecticut Software Consortium can satisfy your needs.  After initial development, your website can be hosted for as little as $25 a month using your own domain name.  Coupled with our web development services, you can end up with a web presence that expands your business horizons without incurring formidable expenditures.  View typical costs.


Affordable custom software - what is it and why you may need it.  You're aware of  how off-the-shelf shrink-wrapped software can improve productivity.  You probably also know that sometimes it just doesn't do what you want or it does it in an inconvenient and inefficient manner.   That's where custom software comes in.  Custom software is designed to solve the problems that are peculiar to your particular business environment.  CSC can start with a blank screen and design an application that meets your very demanding and unique requirements. Or, we can customize MS Office software such as Word, Excel and Access to meet your needs.


Affordable?   We understand the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses and know how to create Web sites and software that are affordable and get the job done.  Please contact us so that we can mutually explore a Web site or software application specifically created for you.


Give us a call or send us an e-mail.   We would like
to discuss your requirements and give you a schedule and cost estimate.


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