Goal Smart™
  Just one example of proprietary custom software developed for one of our clients.  We can also develop software to meet your specific requirements.

Calculates retirement and
financial planning information.

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Goal Smart Screen

The Retirement Planner screen is shown.  Another screen gives the user the tools to plan for financial goals as diverse as buying a new house or saving for a vacation in Paris in four years.  The user enters personal financial information in the white entry boxes and reads the results at the bottom of the screen.


Goal Smart™ is a proprietary application available directly from our client.  We can also develop an affordable application for you that meets the needs of your business.


Goal Smart™ is just one example

Convenient and easy to use interface
  CSC will customize the software to meet your specific requirements


Give us a call or send us an    We would be happy to discuss
your requirements and give you a schedule and cost estimate.
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